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Stop Giving Yourself Weird and Impossible Deadlines for Weight Loss

Stop Giving Yourself Weird And Impossible Deadlines For Weight Loss

Shreddin for…the couch?? Hahah ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’ve been in a slight deficit for quite a few weeks now & have absolutely not been “perfect”.
⏰BUT I also am very realistic with my timeline.
The scale has gone down a bit and my clothes have been more loose, I see new lines coming in every few weeks & FEEL different.
After going through different calorie deficit, maintenance and surplus phases myself, I know that I’m HUMAN,
And that it’ll never go exactly how I want.
✅Stop giving yourself weird deadlines for weight loss.
🔥I’d rather you be 80-90% for years than 100% for 4 weeks & crash hard.
🍫I still eat chocolate,
🥞& pancakes while in a deficit, but the
PORTION SIZES change to reflect
my new goal 💪🏻
🗣After being in quarantine for a few weeks, are there any goals you’re starting to work on?
Maybe setting up a new “temporary” routine?
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM)
Macro Nutrition Coach (NASM)

Stop Giving Yourself Weird and Impossible Deadlines for Weight Loss! It’s better to put in 80% or 90% effort for months or years, than to give yourself 4 weeks and crash. Click to read my full post, and don't forget to grab my FREE E-BOOK that DIVES INTO MACRONUTRIENTS!

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