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Some of My Grocery Store Macro Staples

Some Of My Grocery Store Macro Staples

Some of my grocery store macro staples:
(Throwback time when grocery shopping was a normal activity & my long hair 😅)
🔹Flavored oats (Better Oats)
🔸Berries- frozen or fresh
🔹Greek yogurt
🔸Lean meats-chicken, beef, shrimp
🔹Healthy fats-guacamole, oils
🔸Dave’s killer cinnamon raisin bread
🔸Peanut butter (not a very healthy fat but I have an obsession, okaiiii?)
🔹Sprite Zero/flavored waters like @drinkspindrift 🔶Broccoli/zucchini/asparagus/multi-colored peppers
🔹Cereal for topping my nightly yogurt or an ice cream bar like Yasso
🔸White and sweet potatoes
🔹Almond milk
🔸Ketchup/ BoltHouse Farms dressings
🔹Egg whites/eggs
🔸Chocolate Bark
If you noticed-there are all kinds of foods listed. Not specific to any “diet”.
🌻Because I mentally could not stand the restrictions any diet led to.
🌻I wanted to eat like a regular person.
🌻I wanted to be able to eat chocolate or have a bagel without feeling *guilt* and blowing my whole day.
🌻I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, something which a diet that included food restrictions would never give me 🤷‍♀️.
🌻 I found this through “tracking macros” aka “flexible dieting” aka food freedom. Ever heard of it?
What is one of your grocery staples? I’m always up to try out a new food during our next scheduled outing 🤤
❤️ & save this for your next trip!

Do you want to eat like a regular person, and don’t like diet restrictions but want to lose weight and keep it off? I’m all about food freedom.. Here are some of my grocery store macro staples! Re-pin and don't forget to grab my FREE E-BOOK that DIVES INTO MACRONUTRIENTS!

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