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Cait Hoyler

I am a certified nutritionist, certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Macro Nutrition Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, "retired" Registered Nurse, and precision-nutrition PN-1 certified coach, working full time coaching women on changing their lives.

I have a passion for connecting with others and allowing them to see things in themselves they had never noticed before. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to shine light on the path you’re needing to take!.

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Listen to what my clients say

    1. What was an obstacle that would have prevented you from investing in this program? (money, time, bad experiences in the past, etc.)  I think an obstacle that would have prevented me from going through this program was a couple bad past experiences with other macro coaches.  I didn’t want to come out losing money and not learning along the way.  Other coaches just wanted to give me my macros based on age, weight, height and activity, at that time, without asking about my history.  I was living on too low of calories for a long time and I didn’t know it was not good for me and it was not their concern.
    2. What information, ah-ha/lightbulb moments, substance/processes and other results have you received during our time together? Many lightbulb moments..LOL.  I could eat more, more than I have in years, and not gain weight.  Mind blowing!!  I could still build muscle and have more definition through reverse dieting.  I could have more energy and sleep better as well.
    3. What did you love most about the program? I loved stepping out of my comfort zone and just trusting the process of a reverse diet.  I had Cait as my biggest cheerleader and educator.  I learned SO MUCH in the 12 weeks she worked with me and have all of the education she put together still at my fingertips.  I have referred to this information several times since our 12 weeks ended.  I love it!
    4. What results did you achieve, both visible and invisible (i.e feeling more confident, fitting into clothes better, losing X lbs or inches, feeling more comfortable working out etc.) I ended up losing around 4 lbs from the reverse diet and have maintained this weight to date while eating 600 more calories a day. I’ve gained more muscle definition from lifting. I do think the extra energy from more food plays a role in my gaining muscle.  I feel more confident now and not uncertain about my nutrition.  I was all over the place before with figuring out macros on my own. It was pretty much a guessing game.  I didn’t know all of the pieces to the puzzle.
    5. How has the program changed your relationship with food? Feel free to give examples! After going through this program, I know that any food or meal is doable.  I don’t need to deprive myself to stay fit and lean.  Planning ahead is key to making everything fit for the day to reach my nutrition goals. If I want to eat chocolate, I eat it.  If I want pizza, I’ll eat pizza.  I just adjust the remaining meals for that day.
    6. What did you learn in the program that you find especially helpful? Drinking enough water daily is crucial in meeting your goals. Sleep is another huge one.  Rest is more important than I ever knew.  I make sure I prioritize rest now. I also learned that weight fluctuates daily.  I cannot gain 2 lbs of fat in 1 day. There are so many other factors that make can make that number on the scale go up. The scale is just a tool and not the only thing that shows progress.
    7. Anything else you’d like to share 😊 The best gift I gave to myself was hiring Cait to coach me!  She’s an amazing woman that truly cares about her clients and wants to help them reach their goals the right way.  She knows her craft on nutrition and teaches her clients through the whole process.  I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to work with Cait.  BEST DECISION EVER!!
    1. What was an obstacle that would have prevented you from investing in this program? (money, time, bad experiences in the past, etc.)
    I at first, I was hesitant because it was a big monetary investment for me. I used to not think about investing in myself because I honestly thought it was an irresponsible use of money but boy was I WRONG!
    1. What information, ah-ha/lightbulb moments, substance/processes and other results have you received during our time together?
    It doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated! We are constantly changing and moving through seasons in life and our bodies reflect that. It’s also a realization that I was never after the “perfect” body whatever that means. I learned to impressed by my own body and learning what my body needs instead of going off the mentality of, well if she does that and looks that good, I should do the same. So I learned to love my individuality.
    1. What did you love most about the program?
    I learned to love my body no matter what season in life I am in- I finally felt like I could breathe and live my life without having to wait until I was thinner or whatever. I also learned to choose your hard. Meal prepping is hard but trying to find food in the middle of a work day is harder so I learned to choose my hard. 
    1. What results did you achieve, both visible and invisible (i.e feeling more confident, fitting into clothes better, losing X lbs or inches, feeling more comfortable working out etc.)
    I lost 20 pounds and almost 20 inches! My clothes are literally falling off me. I had to return a size 6 skirt the other day for a 4! Not that the size itself mattered but that I was entirely different size. I CAN EAT MORE! I feel capable of doing hard things! Also as a side note, my husband has a broken hand so hasn’t really been able to move much right now. But luckily I have been lifting and I know HOW to lift so he’s been pretty amazed when I’m able to pick up and move heavy things even though I’m only 5 feet tall haha!
    1. How has the program changed your relationship with food? Feel free to give examples!
    I don’t view foods as good and bad. It’s more of nutrient dense or not for me now that I have learned why I need the foods I do need. But I loved that it wasn’t some secret meal plan or that I had to change what I was eating- it was really a matter of portion sizes on the foods I was already eating. Increase the protein and veggies and decrease the chips and cookies. Not that cookies and chips were bad, I just felt better after eating the other things. Also, learned to not fear fruits because of the sugar. I feel like such a dummy all those years fearing fruit when eating more fruits makes me feel so much better. It’s also funny when now I can feel my energy getting lower, especially with moving, and I’ll say out loud I need some carbs. I NEVER would’ve said that in the past. Now I know what foods do for me now 
    1. What did you learn in the program that you find especially helpful?
    I can reach my fitness goals without being miserable and I can move with confidence in every area of my life
    1. Anything else you’d like to share 😊
    At first, this was a big investment for me, but it was the investment I needed because it changed so many things in my life. It was like a domino effect. Once I started focusing on nutrition and moving my body (who knew you didn’t have to sprint for cardio) I realized how many other aspects of my life I could evolve in and this changed my entire life’s perspective. I have habits now that I would’ve thought were impossible at the start of the year and I still have a lot of work to go but it really helped shape my mindset from thinking I was always working towards an “end” goal to working towards my goals for that season of my life. AND THAT REALIZATION CHANGED MY LIFE. It helped me learn to communicate the things that were important to me to my significant other, it taught me to truly get in tune with myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. It always taught me what it feels like to really truly feel good. I can never thank you enough for the work that you do, it was beyond eye opening. My life will never be the same 😊 
  • Beth V.
    I've worked with Cait for two 12 week sessions. I was initially hesitant because I had never worked with a nutrition coach, let alone online. I love her energy and after our initial phone call, knew this would be an investment in myself that could help me make sustainable life changes. Throughout my time working with Cait I was able to really evaluate my relationship with food and start repairing the damage that diet culture had caused. Learning how to track macros only scratched the surface of my time with Cait-- sure, I lost pounds and inches but the confidence and mental gains I've made since first chatting with her still blows me away.
    Beth V.
  • Kristin G.
    My view and society’s view on CARBS! Wow. Not that I have received some education on carbs, proteins and fats, it is amazing how many women and men view carbs as such a negative thing. I constantly hear my coworkers and friends saying, “ugh I can’t have any carbs today” and I just want to reply “but you just ate that apple? Did you know fruits and veggies are carbs!?” My outlook on food has definitely changed the last twelve weeks. I have realized that I do not have to go on a strict “diet” to lose weight. Having a balanced life and eating healthier options is not a chore for me anymore and just a part of my daily routine.  
    Kristin G.
  • Lydia M.

    I could eat whatever I wanted! I still had to hit my macros (obviously) but the fact that I could eat things that I like and enjoy instead of feeling "forced" to eat only a few certain things was so amazing! I also love how individualized it is. Nothing is one size fits all, and whether it was my macros that needed adjusting or my workouts, you always helped tweak it to whatever it needed to be in order for it to work for me! I so appreciated that! A perfect example of this was when I was struggling eating a full days worth of macros after I worked a night shift but didn't work the next night and was trying to flip back to a day schedule - I just struggled getting in all my macros, especially protein! You were so supportive and helpful in changing my macros so I could have lower macros on those "shorter days" and a little bit more on my "longer days"!

    Lydia M.
  • Megan G.

    My mindset has done a complete 180 from where I started. I feel this came through your insights and information/encouragement you provided, but it mostly from the questions you asked that caused me to really dig deep and soul search. I feel like I am in a much more balanced place mentally regarding food and workouts.

    Megan G.
  • Megan S.

    When I was looking for a new fitness and health routine I wasn’t looking for someone who gives you a workout plan and meal ideas and that’s it. In the past I’ve had personal trainers that would just give me a workout and basically just follow me around the gym. It was like having a gym partner but they don’t do the workouts with you. I wasn’t looking for another person to stand next to me as I try to change my lifestyle. When I looked into Cait’s program I noticed it wasn’t just a focus on workouts or meals, it was a total mind and body concept.

    Megan S.

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